IMISCOE Spring Conference

Date: February 10, 2020

By: Franz Buhr

The first PriMob panel took place within the 2020 IMISCOE Spring Conference in Lisbon. The conference was entitled ‘Moving, living, investing and surviving: housing and migrations in uncertain times’ and brought together nearly one hundred scholars working on the intersection of migration and housing issues.

Six PriMob members presented their papers on the second day of the conference, February 7.

Matthew Hayes
Lifestyle Migration, Coloniality, and Global Real Estate Extractivism

Irene Rodrigues, Fátima Amante and Sofia Gaspar
Real Estate Investment and Lifestyle migration: comparing Chinese
and Brazilian Golden Visa Investors in Portugal

Meghann Ormond, Chee Han Lim
Assessing the impacts of international medical travel on local
healthcare resource access in Penang, Malaysia

Nilcelene Biasutti, Alina Esteves, Jennifer McGarrigle
Global South-North Lifestyle Migration: Brazilian Retirement
Migrants in Portugal

Franz Buhr
New pathways for migrant entrepreneurship: a pilot study with
coffee shop owners in Lisbon

Here you can watch a video about the conference (with English subtitles), in which Jennifer McGarrigle talks about PriMob:

More information

Click to access to the Conference’s description and full programme.


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