Field visit in Lisbon

Date: February 11, 2020

By: Jennifer McGarrigle

On February 8, 2020 we had the chance of going on a field visit in Marvila, Lisbon. ‘Walk and talk: a moving workshop on urban change and migration in Marvila, Port of Lisbon’ was organised by PriMob and conducted by João Martins from the ROCK project.

Description of the visit

Marvila, situated on the riverfront to the east of the city, is a post-industrial area, undergoing rapid transformation related with processes of culture-led urban regeneration. It is an area becoming popular for international property buyers. Historical traces shape the landscape from the palaces and farms of the upper classes from the 15th Century, to urban ruins and factories testament to the area’s industrial past and later large migrant shantytowns.
Our moving workshop will look back to the Chelas Master Plan (1965) conceived, unsuccessfully, to promote major public housing, to the creation of the Social Housing Condado neighbourhood with African migrants (1980s) and the self-construction of the PRODAC-SUL neighbourhood (1973) by internal migrants. The visit will trace the spatial impacts of the different urbanization waves in Marvila. It will take in the remains of the former Guns and Munitions Factory, today transformed into the Prata Living Village a luxury upper-class real estate project and end in the cultural association Braço de Prata. The visit will be led by the Lisbon Coordinators of the ROCK project. The visit is an initiative of PriMob (Privileged mobilities: local impacts, belonging and citizenship).

More information

ROCK: Regeneration and Optimization of Cultural Heritage in Creative and Knowledge Cities,, GA 730280


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