IMISCOE 17th Annual Conference

Date: July 08, 2020

By: Franz Buhr

On July 1-2, IMISCOE organised its 17th annual Conference, which was also its first virtual conference. PriMob coordinated two panels on privileged mobilities.

In the first session (July 1st), 4 papers were presented:

The coloniality of distinction: class, race and whiteness among post-crisis Italian migrants
By Simone Varriale

Minority institutions and transnational identities. Reflections from the Romanian-German transnational space
By Remus Gabriel Anghel and Ovidiu Oltean

Academic careers at branch campuses: Experiences of staff working in the education hub of Dubai
By Jill Ahrens

Practising Privilege. How settling in Thailand enables older Western migrants to enact privilege over local people
By Sarah Scuzzarello

In the second session (July 2nd), we had 3 presentations:

‘Spaniards in Paris’: Virtual ethnography of a community of young Spanish emigrants in France
By Belén Fernández-Suárez, Adrián Soto González, Tatiana López González and Miguel Egea Padilla

Flexibilizing the Emotional Gravity of Place: Mobile Managers and their Spatial Imaginations
By Anna Spiegel

Dimensions of privilege: young Australian and Nordic migrants in the UK
By Saara Koikkalainen and Erica Consterdine.

We thank all speakers and participants for two great rounds of discussion!


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