Privileged Mobilities: local impacts, belonging and citizenship

Transnational mobility by migrants who are relatively privileged by citizenship, class, ‘race’ and investment capacity is on the increase. PRIMOB brings together researchers working on diverse forms of privileged migration – retirement, lifestyle, investment, amenity, elite, highly skilled and international residential mobilities.

The objectives of PRIMOB are threefold

1. The first objective aims to develop discussion around the conceptualization of privileged migration to increase understanding on the processes of privileged migration contextualized by origin and destination environments, migrant subjectivities and intermediaries – both human and non-human – in facilitating mobilities. How can privileged mobility and whiteness be incorporated into theories of migration and transnationalism? How are different forms of privileged migration located in the economic migration-leisure migration spectrum?

2. The second objective is to explore processes of emplacement and dwelling interrogating how temporalities of stay – in the context of multiple residences, transnational lives and ghost migration – impact practices of citizenship and belonging, and give rise to specific livelihood strategies. How do privileged migrants use, transform and partake in the city in which they live? How does that compare with migration to rural areas? What are the spaces and circuits of sociabilities established by migrants of privilege?

3. The third objective explores processes of local transformation and the impact of privileged migration on destination areas and the local social resistances emerging from competition on resources, processes of transnational gentrification, touristification, increasing house and retail prices, pressure on rental markets, restructured commerce and services, etc. It will also investigate the link between privileged migration and the leisure- and tourism-led restructuring of cities.


Jennifer McGarrigle


Franz Buhr


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